By viewing the photos of our course, you can see the beauty of the northwest part of Montana. We enjoy the game of golf in a surrounding that complements your golf experience.

Membership at Eagle Bend is anchored by our pure golf facility and its member golf groups. These member groups provide a competitive golf experience and create personal relationships. Our members are the heart of this club. As we draw members from all parts of the US and Canada, we are a diverse and interesting group. As Membership Director, I am focused on reaching out to new potential members who would like to enjoy the Eagle Bend golf experience.

Please feel free to contact me for further information about membership. I would look forward to speaking with you!

-Renee Wynne, 406.471.1177


Eagle Bend Golf Club is currently offering a single category of non-equity family style membership. To join the club, a potential member submits a Family Membership Agreement and pays a refundable deposit amount set by the club. All membership provisions, rights, and privileges are contained in the club’s membership plan. As a non-equity membership, members cannot be assessed additional monies for future capital improvement or operations at the club.

Each membership provides benefits for “immediate family” members and includes “extended family” privileges. These benefits and privileges are more fully explained in our Benefits for Members outline.

The application procedure consists of submission of a fully completed and signed application agreement, along with a check or credit card payment, for the then required deposit amount set by the club. In the event the agreement is not acted upon favorably, the deposit will be fully refunded without interest.

After your review of the above materials, please call Jim Fagan, Membership Director, at (406) 837-7322 to help you with this process.

Thank you for your interest in the Eagle Bend Golf Lifestyle.